Meet The Team

Our Leadership Team:

Chief Executive Officer

Dennis C. Sutherland

As the visionary and CEO of Gutter Cleaning Lake Oswego OR, Dennis cherishes family time, travels, and has recently taken up pool as a hobby.

Director Of Marketing

Daniel Combs

Daniel excels in expanding local businesses, crafting strategies for goals achievement, and driving teams toward enhanced brand recognition.

Director Of Operations

Wade Lankford

Wade’s deep understanding of the company and operations ensures smooth day-to-day activities, thanks to her long-standing involvement since the early days.

Vice President Of Technology

Bobby Burris

Bobby, our tech-savvy Vice President of Technology, is passionate about automation, technology, and data. Leisure time for him means being with his wife or enjoying fishing.

Vice President Finance & HR

Kim Fray

Kim brings a wealth of experience in HR and banking, positioning her perfectly to support our growth by optimizing our team structure and financial health.

Director Of Sales & Customer Service

Gary Hook

Gary sets the standard for customer service excellence, with his keen eye for detail making our service unparalleled in quality from beginning to end.

Website Team:

Head of Marketing & Content

Wayne Vasquez

Wayne, our dynamic Head of Marketing & Content, thrives at the intersection of creativity and strategy. With a rich background in digital marketing and content creation, he is adept at building engaging narratives that resonate with audiences and elevate brand presence. Outside the office, Wayne is an avid reader and enjoys exploring the latest trends in digital art and design. His passion for storytelling not only enriches our campaigns but also fosters a culture of innovation and excellence within our team.